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@coreEdge Creative we understand that your brand and your success go hand and hand. Branding is literally your most valuable [intangible] asset. Your brand is honestly as important as your products and services. We strive to make your brand authentic, unique and captivating. We offer a huge array of branding consulting services.

  • Naming
  • Audiovisual
  • Experience
Deciding on a name is often one of the most important tasks any entrepreneur could face. Inspiration is key to this process, but so is creativity and market research. @coreEdge Creative we help our clients 'come-up' with names that are appropriate for their industry -- from funny quirky names to elegant serious names.
  • Brands +

    Brand names like Apple, Samsung, Amazon, Google, Facebook and Twitter are all too common in our lives. Some of the stories behind the creation of these names are fascinating. A good name for your company will help you stand out from your competition.

    Who knows?! maybe perhaps your company's name could be so ubiquitously used that it becomes an actual verb like Google or Tweet.
  • Products +

    If you were thinking having an awesome company name is enough. You were wrong. Product names also need their fair share of thought.

    A few product names so globally used the types of products themselves are referred to by those brand names are plenty Ping Pong, Jet Ski, Jacuzzi, Q-Tips, ChapStick, Kleenex, and who could forget Band-Aid are just a few.
  • Tag-lines and Catch Phrases +

    Company tag-lines like Nike's Just do It! , Allstate's You're in good hands, Subway's "Eat Fresh" and Catch Phrases like Bounty's "The quicker picker-upper" or Samsung's "The Next Big Thing is Already Here" are staples of our time.

    Whether it's a one-liner a a series of tag lines for advertising purposes. coreEdge can asset you in stringing up those few sweet words that will stay in your clients thoughts long after you've meet. These are not easy to come by but we are up to the challenge.
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Complimenting your brand with audio and visual is essential to keeping your brand fresh and interesting. @coreEdge Creative we help our clients create a consistent audiovisual plan and put it into action.
  • Key Message +

    A brand's Key Message is crucial to a brand's success, it's the foundation for your brand. Having a Key Message [singular!] centers your brand. coreEdge helps you create your Key Message and makes sure all your advertising and marketing are in sync and drive that ONE Key Message home to your clients. Every time.
  • Visual Style +

    Everything from your logo, your name, the typography, color palette, imagery. Everything and anything is part of your brand's Visual Style. From the way you answer your phone to the way to reply to your emails.

    Having a good consistent visual style is easy once you know what it is and you make it yours. If you don't know what it is it's nearly impossible to do. @coreEdge we help you establish your visual style and help you enforce it across every possible medium.
  • Brand Story +

    People crave great stories. Brand storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to connect with your clients.

    @coreEdge our challenge is finding your brand's story and deciding how to tell it in such a manner that that it creates a strong lasting positive impression with your clients. Creating that connection which, deep down at our core, we all crave.
  • Personality +

    You may be asking yourself how a brand can have a personality. Personality by definition is an individual's distinctive characteristics and qualities. The best way to explain this is with this one image.
    PC vs Mac
    With this line of advertising Apple instilled the idea that PC is old, nerdy and out-dated, while Mac was young, hip and new.

    A brands personality creates equity for your brand, helps you distinguish yourself from your competitors, and helps you create a solid relationship with your clients. For any number of reasons whether it's because you are more trustworthy, knowledgeable, trendier or less expensive.
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@coreEdge we understand branding is much more than just an awesome name and logo. It's also about perception and how your clients interact with your company and the space in which they do it.
  • Retail +

    There is a reason retail stores go though such great lengths to make their stores reflect their brand identity. It's because it helps their consumers identify further with their products and help them become their brand advocates.
  • Environment and Spaces +

    Even offices spaces and showcase floors need to carefully planned and designed. IKEA's showcase floorspace is the way it is in order to have their customers see and feel all their furniture. The reason many people want to work for Google and Facebook is because their office spaces reflect, and are, an integral part of their company culture.
  • Exhibits and Trade Shows +

    Exhibits and trade shows are key spaces to promote your brand further to an audience that are not ordinarily in touch with your brand. Having a strong brand presence helps your company promote itself... in all its glorious light.
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